• Custom Solutions
    • E-Commerce
    • Hosting
    • CRM Integration
    • Intranet



    • Digital Storytelling
    • Content Organization & Architecture
    • Press Kits & Outreach
    • Workflow Optimization


    • Logo & Branding
    • Custom Website Design
    • Web Graphics & Ads
    • Books, Programs, Publications
    • Infographics
    • Illustration



    • Email Campaigns & Online Petitions
    • Volunteer/Donor Management
    • Event Registration
    • General Website Support


FullSteam Labs is a worker-owned cooperative specializing in custom websites, graphic design, and a spectrum of tech solutions for individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses.

It’s our job to make your efforts more successful. Many clients come to us with a list of needs, but unsure of how the pieces fit together. With dedicated attention to the big picture, we create a plan with tailored solutions for design, development, and your unique content.

We can guide you through the fog to clear solutions that drive sales, inspire action, and effectively represent your values.

We are currently accepting new projects.


Jason heads up web development and tech support at FullSteam. He enjoys problem solving and cooking up useful tools for non-profits and small businesses. Jason has also collaborated on audio narratives and infographics in the past.


Saro works on design, branding and digital storytelling for FullSteam Labs. She is passionate about making stories come to life- whether it be through illustration, audio production or traditional song.


Charles works primarily on the backend of websites, including custom code, plugins, databases and more. Charles is also great at ferreting out the sources of problems and fixing them.


Courtney produces website design, branding and copyediting for FullSteam Labs. Her expertise lies in conveying an organization's services and passions through effective design, text and user experience. She enjoys gardening, day trips to the river, and foraging for wild edibles.


Dena mainly works on brand design and build, but she also enjoys designing websites and annual reports. Outside the office, she spends her time taking photos, checking out live music, and hiking.




We’re always accepting resumes, even if we don’t have an advertised open position. Please feel free to reach out to with your resume.


Software & Support Engineer

FullSteam Labs is hiring a new developer to expand capacity. This is a remote position that will be part-time (around 20 hours/week) starting out and will grow to a full-time position with pathways to ownership.

As a small shop, we each get to work on a wider variety of tasks than might happen in a larger firm. We provide varying levels of hosting, monitoring, and/or support to over 100 clients of varying types and sizes. We also are regularly building new custom projects such as WordPress websites, JavaScript applications, and API integrations. Your job could encompass some or all of these things depending on the skills and interests you bring to the table, and over time it can become more specialized as we grow and evolve. An initial mix may look like:

  • 58% client support requests, server side maintenance, WordPress updates
  • 37% new development
  • 5% general communication & business tasks

We currently work with a fairly traditional WordPress stack: PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Our projects are all version controlled and configured to run in Docker containers managed by Docker Compose. We use SCSS for styles and plain JavaScript wherever possible, but many of the legacy systems we manage also use jQuery. Besides WordPress, we also manage sites that use technologies/platforms such as Node.js, Laravel, and Shopify. Please see the full list below.

In the near future, we plan to move beyond WordPress and into the domain of more robust software development. We are interested in building new projects in Clojure, Elixir, Erlang, and React Native. We would like to include you in this process and look forward to learning and growing together.


Job responsibilities include but would not be limited to the following:

  • Client web support for some or all of: WordPress websites; custom PHP or JS applications; email, DNS, hosting.
  • Web server troubleshooting, light maintenance
  • New small feature development
  • New project development and design
  • Project and task estimation
  • Write well-designed, testable code
  • Integrate software components into a fully functional software system
  • Troubleshoot, debug, and upgrade existing systems


  • Prepared to use own laptop or desktop workstation
  • Clear communicator in both technical and plain speak
  • Expert design interpreter and user interface aficionado
  • Deeply familiar with WordPress, Javascript, and CSS
  • Knows a frontend framework like Angular, Elm, React, or Vue
  • Confident command line user
  • Experienced with version controlled, collaborative development
  • Familiar with Linux and/or BSD systems
  • Professional client-facing communications skills
  • Knows how to spot a rabbit-hole, and step back to reevaluate
  • Prompt, polite, professional, prepared, thoughtful

Compensation and Benefits

FullSteam Labs is a worker-owned cooperative. We have a process by which you may become an owner as well, which does not require you already hold thousands of dollars with which to buy in. It is important for workplaces to be democratic and that people creating things, like software and mockups, own the means of production.

Compensation is competitive, and we can provide a negotiable combination of wages and benefits to best fit your needs. Starting out, you’d be a contract worker, eligible to become an employee after a successful 90-day review period. Employees receive benefits including:

  • Simple IRA – 1:1 contribution match up to 3% of pay
  • Monthly health insurance reimbursement
  • Home office rent – up to $300/mo

If we like working together over the next 5-8 months, you can be eligible to become a worker-owner with access to these additional benefits:

  • Profit sharing or pass-thru income
  • Equal say in decision making

About FullSteam Labs

FullSteam Labs is a small and growing worker-owned cooperative that provides print/digital design and technical consulting services for small-to-medium sized nonprofits and businesses. Many of our clients serve a public good of some sort.

Women, people of color, and under-represented groups are encouraged to apply. Please send resume to by March 1st.



Technologies List:

Applicants should have proficiency or familiarity with some or all of these technologies

# WordPress
Advanced Custom Fields
JavaScript, jQuery

# Dev OPs
Linux, FreeBSD
Continuous Integration
Docker, Docker Compose

# JavaScript
React, React Native, Vue.js
Yarn, NPM

# Databases
MySQL, MariaDB

# Interested in Learning
Elixir, Phoenix, Nerves

# Our Favorite Editors
Emacs, PhpStorm, VS Code, Sublime, Vim


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