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Posted onFeb 04 2016in Hosting

A Small Orange – Hosting Fail

We recently went through a major server emergency with A Small Orange, that involved hardware failure and data corruption. The hosting company we depended on for years has taken a turn for the worst. They’re now owned by Endurance International, a large hosting conglomerate that also owns a slew of unsavory hosting companies. I recently submitted our service cancellation request after getting our sites moved to PurpleCat Networks, a local Asheville hosting company. It’s been great to partner with a solid team of system administrators that really know how to take care of business. Here’s a tidbit I wanted to share online since I doubt ASO will respond to my feedback anyhow…


Cancellation Comments:

I have had a very difficult time with your company in the last several months. You can look at the past support tickets and see why. It’s cost me lots of time and money, as well as unsatisfied customers. I’ve moved our large reseller VPS to another hosting company recently to protect our customers from any more of your atrocious quality of service as a hosting company. Our colleagues that use ASO have also experienced great difficulty. While we’re keeping our few business VPS sites with you for now, we’re letting everyone we know how bad the quality of service at ASO has become and we’ll be moving the rest of our services soon.  Don’t think that running promotions, as I’ve seen in a flood of recent emails, and whitewashing your social media pages that you’ll escape scathing reviews and sour recommendations for such a failure to serve your customers.


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