Nuclear Weapons Conference Presentation

Posted onDec 10 2014in Branding, Illustration, Portfolio

We recently had the great honor to work with NIRS activist Mary Olson to help create a presentation on the negative health effects of nuclear radiation. Mary was invited to present at the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons, where she would be educating hundreds of world delegates on the health impacts of radiation exposure. We worked with Mary to develop simple graphics and an icon set to enhance her slideshow. The icons, developed from the work of artist Loren Olson, were used to illustrate the stages of impact- including the initial blast of a nuclear explosion, the ensuing fireball, and long term and short term radiation. The graphics helped to illustrate the imbalanced impacts of radiation on women compared to men.

PowerPoint Presentation

PowerPoint Presentation







Mary- on the far right- stands with 3 radiation survivors.

Mary- on the far right- stands with 3 radiation survivors.








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