Design, Development, and Tech Support for Good Causes

About Us

FullSteam Labs is a worker-owned cooperative specializing in high-performance websites, graphic design, and a spectrum of tech solutions for businesses and non-profit organizations. With an eye toward building a brighter future, we are passionate about using design and technology in ways that are both inventive and intentional.

Our favorite types of projects:

 Clients that advance the cause for social and environmental justice

 Large-scale projects that offer complex technical and design challenges

 Building feature-full, beautiful tools that make our clients’ lives easier

 Crafting custom solutions to interesting problems

Our cooperative team steers the ship

FullSteam Labs is a worker-owned cooperative, and we value workplace democracy. We don’t have a hierarchy and each worker-owner has an equal vote in business decisions. Instead of having one bottom line – profit – we are equally concerned with how we treat each other, doing hard work, and working on projects that have a positive influence.

As a cooperative, we pool our energy together to create solid solutions for our clients. As owners, we all have a direct interest in the business succeeding – and a much higher level of trust in each other as a result.

What does this mean for you?

arrow-red.png You’ll communicate directly with the people doing the work.

We don’t have client managers or department directors, so nothing gets lost in translation. All development is done in-house and all project decisions are made by the people who have first-hand information on that project.

arrow-red.png You’ll be treated with integrity.

We’ve developed an internal culture that is civil, respectful, and transparent – and we’re diligent about applying these same values to our client relationships. As a result, we enjoy many long-term relationships with our amazing clients.

arrow-red.png You’ll see innovative solutions because of the way we collaborate.

As we work together on projects, we each bring different perspectives and skill sets. Combining these together sparks productive discussions, purposeful decision making, and stronger solutions for our clients.

arrow-red.png You won’t be left hanging.

Because we maintain a happy, healthy work environment, our owner-workers are here to stay and invested in the success of your project. You can trust that we’ll be around for the long-term, and you don’t have to worry about “staff turnover” in the middle of your project.

Our Values: The compass that guides our way

We are a values-driven business, and have a heavy focus on clients who align with our values.

 Positive Impact

We want to build great things for the right reasons. We believe in social and economic justice, a healthy planet, and being the best humans we can be. We work hard both in the office and in our personal lives to actualize these beliefs, and work with clients who are aligned with these values.

 Mindful Innovation

We stay up-to-date with changing technologies and the latest trends in design and development. In our projects, we like to keep what works well while also looking for new and better ways of doing things. New is not always better, but knowledge of current tools means we can offer the most efficient and creative solutions to our clients.


We believe it is essential to Democracy for the workplace to also be democratic. As worker-owners we operate under a cooperative framework creating a supportive and empowering workplace culture.